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Discussion Topics

This subdirectory contains pages that introduce discussions, which are listed below. Some are discussion; others are rants or opinions.

Arguing and discussing are challenging. Especially when one wants to win, the full diversity of reality flies away as the argument focuses on a single aspect. Do we try to bully the other into submission on that chosen aspect? Most of the pages listed below try to be more true to the diversity of reality, so they are discussions rather than knock-down arguments. See a page that elaborates this.

New, or Worth Looking At

On 9/11 (9th September 2001)

The following pages have been added, or added to, in the light of the killing of Osama Bin Ladin and the anniversary of 9/11.

On Climate Change:

Is God Warning Us to Change our Lifestyles?

I wonder whether some of the 'disasters' we experience are in fact warnings that God is sending us, warning us to change our ways, our aspirations, our assumptions, our expectations - in short, our lifestyles.

Discussing Various Issues

Discussing Various Theological Issues

These Discussion pages are designed to stimulate discussion on various topics, as part of Andrew Basden's pages that open up various things from one of the Christian perspectives. Discussion, comments, queries are very welcome.

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