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Steps in Unrepentance

Steps of the
The U.S.A.
Things go badly (because you are doing wrong, or are wrong). Nine-Eleven
You refuse (in heart if not mind) to see the problems as a call to repentance. Geo Bush calls for fortitude.
You think you are doing and being OK. Geo Bush calls for a 'crusade' against evil, and identifies 'axis of evil'.
You rationalize the situation in terms of you doing and being OK. USA sees terrorism as an attack on Liberty and Democracy. And reasons that Iraqi WMDs could be supplied to terrorists.
You make plans based on the assumption that you are right. USA plans to invade Iraq and topple Saddam Hussein.
Often, the plans are hastily made, not properly thought out. USA stresses urgency and does not allow U.N. team time to complete their inspection, and also gives little thought to post-invasion healing of Iraq.
The plans go wrong and misfire, or at least you experience difficulties in executing the plans (because you are not in fact doing or being right). It is taking longer to bring peace to Iraq than expected.
You interpret the difficulties as an indication of the importance of what you are doing (viz. the Satanic Enemy does not like what you are doing and hence is trying to stop you, so you must be doing right).
You also respond to the difficulties by issuing a call to loyalty to your cause. Geo Bush called for loyalty.
You cease to be self-critical, and no longer appraise yourself carefully (if ever you did). You become gullible to anything that will support your position. USA and UK do not sufficiently critically examine the Intelligence sources and reports that support the picture of Iraq having WMDs.
You refuse advice, except for that narrow kind that backs you up. USA and UK ignore France, Germany, Russia and U.N.
Any questioning by others is seen as not to be listened to, and even traitorous. Few in USA raise questions.
You become less generous and self-giving, and start to feel under siege. US aid to various places cut.
You become frustrated and defensive.
Your solutions not only fail to tackle the problem, but they cause additional problems of their own. Iraq is now a hotbed. Al Quaeda seems now to have entered Iraq. Enemies are made throughout Islam. Many young Islamists rally to the anti-West cause. Christians in Iraq are targetted.
And, often, you are not aware of them, or if aware, you justify them as a price worth paying.

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