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9/11 - Ten Years On ...

In 'word' to America, is a message placed on the WWW 24 February 2001, only seven months before 9/11, which called upon the USA to repent.
In Why Did God Allow 9/11? is a suggestion that the USA should have repented for the evils that it was responsible for, particularly in relation to its "affluence, arrogance and unconcern for the poor".
In Trying to Gain God's Perspective on 9/11 (September 11th 2001) is a detailed, but clear, exposition of the Biblical theology behind this view, in tabular form.

Is the Living God is still calling on America to repent,
even though Osama Bin Ladin has now been killed?

Let us look briefly at what happened, and at the legacy it has left.

Instead of repenting, the Bush government decided to 'tough it out':

Because the USA chose not to repent of its evil (see 2001 'word'), and its leaders chose not to lead the nation in repentance, they have left a more volatile Middle East, a greater bitterness towards the West, a more unstable 'Stan' region along with a financial crisis. Was it worth it?

When the Living God speaks, should we not listen and repent?

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