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Why Did God Allow 9/11?

(Why not read This page in the light of the 'word' to America
that I placed on the WWW on 24th February 2001?
If you want to read further, read the more detailed exposition.
See also 9/11 - Response and Aftermath in the light of ISIL, 2014
and 9/11 - Twenty Years On ... in the light of the Taliban's victory.)

Why did God allow 9/11? This page tries to get to grips with that question?

Some say "If God is God [i.e. all-powerful] he is not good; if God is good [i.e. all-loving] he is not God." Those people have an easy exit from this conundrum. But many of us believe God is both God and good; we don't have such an easy exit, and must struggle with the issue. This page tries to do that. Most of the page is theology, but theology should not stop at intellectual reflection: it should lead us to a response. That's what this page tries to do.

We try to go beyond the simple answers. We try to help those of us who are not satisfied with simple answers to get to grips with what happened in the light of the God who Is and who has revealed himself even though we can never fully know him this side of eternity.

This is the short summary of a Biblical view of the attacks on the USA; the full version sets out the theological argument step by step. This summary has links into the full version.

1. In the destruction of the symbols of world trade and US military might, God is giving a warning to the USA and the Western people that aspire to American ways.

2. The warning is:

America must repent.

See Steps in Unrepentance - why things are going wrong.

3. There are three levels of responsibility, not one. Those with greater power or priviledge or special roles have greater responsibility:

4. The USA has failed in all three (the third is relevant because it is known as the foremost Christian nation on earth). It is "arrogant, overfed and unconcerned", it uses its power for its own ends, and it is showing the world a totally distorted view of the Living God. In the words of Billy Graham, "If God does not judge America, he must apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah." (The sin of Sodom was "affluence, arrogance and unconcern" [Ezek. 16:49].)

5. God is active in the affairs of the world. He loves his Creation and does not forever overlook injustice. He sets up powers - and then removes them if they are wicked.

6. But first God gives warnings, giving us a chance to repent and turn from our ways of pride and injustice, and rely instead on him. If we do not heed his prophets, then he sends disasters. Finally, if we refuse to repent, he removes the nation from its power, maybe by violent means.

7. If we merely try to butch it out, relying on our own strength or wisdom or knowledge, we will find our plans go awry - we will find God is working against us. Yes, he even uses people more wicked than those he is punishing.

8. See Steps in Unrepentance - why things are going wrong.

See detailed exposition of this.

Remember that the reason why God destroyed Sodom is because it was
"affluent, arrogant and unconcerned for the poor" [Ezekiel 16:49].
Is not USA 'affluent' - as leader of world trade that destroys so many lives?
Is not the USA 'arrogant' - in its military might?
Is not the USA 'unconcerned for the poor' - in refusing to take seriously the environmental devastation it causes in so many other lands and peoples?

Is the Living God is still calling on America to repent,
even though Osama Bin Ladin has now been killed?
See the 'word' to America,
which I felt, and placed on the WWW 24 February 2001,
only seven months before 9/11.

See 9/11 - Ten Years On for the legacy. Instead of repenting, the USA decided to 'tough it out'. Has it not left the world in a much worse state than at 9/11?

... Especially in the light of the sudden emergence in 2014 of The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Well-funded, well-armed, it is taking over towns, cities and areas and driving Christians and others out, with genocide.

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