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"What is God Saying?"

My brother asked me "What do you think God is saying?" I stumbled out some bits and pieces of a reply, but his question stimulated me to think those bits and pieces out more carefully.

God is saying what he always has said. But in any context, culture, time, situation, he will emphasize some things, and be quieter about others.

He tends to veer away from saying things that our ears itch to hear, because those are things we tend to over-emphasize and that tend to foster our pride. Rather, he tends to say things that we have forgotten, that we overlook, that we ignore or that we deliberately stop our ears to.

Therefore, in any situation, God's word will appear to go against what most people in that situation would expect him to say. God's word will be a corrective (n.b. II Tim. 3:16) - though sometimes it will also be an encouragement.

God's word never panders to human pride; by this, above all, you may know whether God is speaking. But neither does God's word crush the human spirit; rather, it inspires and enlivens to greater things.

So, what is God saying today?

To whom? To what human situation?

First of all, what is God saying to his own people, today?

I believe that God is saying something like the following (summary statements, clickable to the detail). Since it is normal in charismatic churches to hear "The Lord says, 'I ....'", I will use the first person stance here.

If it is indeed what God is saying, then I must treat it with respect. For this reason I will not do what I usually do, namely place hyperlinks in the text so readers might be encouraged look at to other material I have written. If it is what God is saying, it should stand alone without privileging what I have written. Instead, for readers that would like to think more about what is said here, I provide links at the end. This version builds on, and slightly tidies-up, the original, to which you may prefer to refer.

What is God Saying?

(As you might have noticed, the bullet points as each level of indentation are an elaboration of the statement that precedes them.)

If you would like to think about this more deeply, then it is discussed in 'A New View of Theology and Practice, So We Live In New Ways', and fuller discussion of the specific parts as follows:

This page is offered to God as on-going work. Comments, queries welcome.

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