Milocevic Extradition

Milocevic has been extradited to the Hague Tribunal to stand trial for War Crimes. This happened quickly by the Serbian Government suddenly deciding to do so, partly because public mood in Serbia had changed against Milocevic. But mainly because the West brought pressure to bear, saying that Serbia would get no financial help before Milocevic was handed over. But today we hear it has opened deep divisions in Serbian society, and between Government and President. The President believes that the extradition was illegal. There is danger that the fragile return to peace, justice and democracy that was starting in the region will be shattered beyond repair.

I blame the West. We, sitting at a distance, held onto the belief that

While there is some logic in these, it is a very weak logic, if not actually flawed.

The problem is not one against justice (the juridical aspect) so much as one of deep commitments (the ptstic aspect). Only if we get the pistics right will we ever hope to either solve this problem or prevent similar ones in the future.

The Pistics - Problem and Solution

Pistics is to do with our vision of who we are, what we most deeply commit or give ourselves to, our self-dignity, and our faith. It is relgious in nature or, as we might call it today 'political' in the sense of commitment to some cause or side. Important, when dealing in the pistic aspect are:

Note that the pistic cuts across all reasons. We will often have good and valid reasons for doing as we do, but the validity of those reasons does not justify our sticking to them if, at the same time, we are driven by pride or our own idolatry.

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