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Opinions & Rants

This page includes my opinions and rants - things that I am putting in the public domain in order to stimulate. Opinions are considered beliefs. Rants are opinions with anger and frustration and perhaps less well considered.

Often rants are not well written. So why should I waste WWW space on them? Not just to 'sound off'. But because I think that perhaps someone might find them useful, usually because they contain a thought that I have not heard elsewhere. I have tried to set things down clearly so the bits of useful thought come through, so you may use them if you wish. But since they are not carefully crafted, please use a bit of mercy when interpreting these pages, if you wish to get the best from them.

Conditions for use: You may only use these ideas if you never quote them, and especially never quote them against me. You must plagiarise these ideas, not quote them. If you find a thought useful, take it and make it your own. Do not quote what I say on any pages at this level or lower levels of directory.

' This is a 'rant' in which I express a view, usually one that does not get through the biased and narrow-minded and narrow-hearted so-called liberal Western media. Copyright (c) Andrew Basden 2009.

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