Is Kyoto 'Bad Science'?

The USA still refuses to support the Kyoto Protocal. Some American or other I heard said that the Kyoto Protocol was based on 'bad science'. But when I found out what they meant by 'bad science' I was astounded by their hypocrisy.

Global temperatures have been rising, through a combination of climate change pollution and a small cyclical temperature change. By 'bad science' the American claimed that climate change scientists had ignored the cyclical factor and attributed all the rise to climate change. Maybe 20 years ago some did because the science was not sufficiently advanced, but nowadays not so. In fact the Americans are guilty of the very 'bad science' they erroneously condemn in climate change scientists: ignoring one factor and attributing the rise to the other - the hypocrites!

But they are guilty of 'bad science' in a much more serious way: irresponsible science. Scientists should not absolutize their own field, making out that their own field is the only thing to take seriously. Good science recognises other aspects of life to be important beside the one it focuses on. For example, good physicists will acknowledge the importance of justice and ethics.

To refuse to take responsibility for the future because we want the so-called 'right' to consume and pollute without hindrance is totally unjust. Any scientist who refuses to take wider responsibility is practising 'bad science'. This is what these Americans are doing: irresponsible science.

Boycott Esso! It is wilfully blind concerning climate change, refusing to acknowledge its own responsibility.

This is a 'rant' in which I express a view, usually one that does not get through the biased and narrow-minded and narrow-hearted so-called liberal Western media. Copyright (c) Andrew Basden 2004. Comments welcome.

Created: 18 January 2005 Last updated: