It's not so much what's agreed or done

but the attitude behind what's agreed or done

as shown by the reasons and excuses given

for what's not done.

The USA has refused to endorse the Kyoto Protocol on Global Warming. The main reason: because it would harm America's economy. (See also Bad Science page for a recent excuse (2005).)

But the American economy is the largest and strongest in the world. It could withstand a little so-called 'harm'.

When God grants power, influence and status to a person or nation, he does so in order that that person or nation will use their power, influence and status for the benefit of others, not for their own selfish benefit. Especially not to maintain their own dominant position.

God has shown before that those who take such an attitude perish. Either they decline or they face his real judgement.

It is especially so when the people being judged have a high proportion of his own people. His people are not to live for themselves but are to show forth the heart, the character of Him who chose and saved them. And if they do not properly show forth his heart and character, then they will be judged more severely than those who are not his people.

And the Living God sees and judges the heart, not the outward appearance.

So, whatever might be the technical arguments around Kyoto, the selfish and self-serving attitude taken by the nation which is seen to be the leading 'Christian'-filled nation on earth will be judged most severely.

Unless America, and its Christians, repent. And bear fruits that show their repentance is real.

Such as voluntarily (voluntarism is a good thing that is keenly supported by many Americans) reducing their own output of greenhouse gases by the 60% that, we are authoritatively told, is needed to stop destroying God's earth. That means, that Christian US people should personally reduce by 60% their car journeys and the amount of air conditioning they comfort themselves with, and that Christian business(wo)men should reduce their use of PCs and road transport by 60%.

Will they take the challenge?

Copyright (c) Andrew Basden 2001.

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