The Gross Distortion of Modern Economics

Modern economics is an enshrinement of human laziness, and elevates the wrong things. Human labour is seen to expensive, and also only rightly employed on 'creative' things, therefore bypass it. Use printing to replicate. Print rather than build the electronics. Then 'print' computer software into memories, to do almost anything you want in life. No labour needed here, no human action. Except by a few favoured individual designers of what to replicate. Human laziness. And modern economics, of conglomerate business, big automated distribution, global chain stores staffed by those who merely lift goods up to a tag-reader, supports it.

But we have all been gifted with 70 or 80 years of life free. So why do we put a price on it! Why do we skimp our labour? Why do we treat the creative, careful loving of the work before us as something to avoid? We buy our furniture and clothes rather than make them. We seldom grow our own food, except as a pastime. We are defiling this free gift of life.

And even the creative effort of designers is squandered. How many millions of person-years of work is wasted as we go through consecutive versions of Microsoft Windows and its attendant software, created only to be thrown away when the next version appears? What a waste of human creativeness!

That is not how God intended.

Copyright (c) Andrew Basden 2006.

Last updated: 15 January 2006