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Aspectual Analogy

Aspect Kernel concept Analogies
Physical Causality Sensitive: Stimulus-response
Analytic: Premise-conclusion
Formative: Means-end
Lingual: Utterance-reply
Juridical: Retribution
Kinematic Movement Quantitative: Incrementation Analytic: Logical process [NC,II:120]
Lingual: Flow of argument or story
Social: Changing status or class
Economic: Transfer of resources
Pistic: A 'movement' that embodies some belief that emerges from a particular situation, e.g. Women's Movement, Labour Movement
Social 'we', togetherness Quantitative: Sharing a common factor
Biotic: Companion plants
Psychic: animal bonding, groups and societies
Lingual: Recognition of a similar other, a recipient for symbolic signification
Aesthetic Harmony, fun Quantitative: Sharing a common factor
Biotic: Companion plants
Sensitive: Complementary colours
Lingual: Integrality of content
Ethical Self-giving, sacrificial love Quantitative:
Biotic: Plants letting themselves be eaten
Psychic: Parents, especially mothers, giving themselves for their offspring
Lingual: When we write or talk, we give meaning away from ourselves to others; indeed all written meaning gives of itself to all the rest in a global network of meaningfulness.
Economic: Investment (giving something before, and with no absolute certainty of, return)
Juridical: Vulnerability (voluntary).

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