Philosophical Frameworks for Understanding Information Systems

This book fills a gap by exploring how we can understand the whole field of information technology and information systems (IT/IS) in an holistic way that covers five technical and non-technical areas of research and practice. It is guided by the need to understand the diversity of everyday experience in each area.

It demonstrates and discusses how frameworks for understanding everyday experience in IT/IS may be formulated by reference to philosophy. It also serves as an introduction to the IT/IS communities of a little-known philosopher, Herman Dooyeweerd. After introducing Dooyeweerd's philosophy in a way suited to those researching and practising IT/IS, it applies this to formulate frameworks for understanding: human use of computers, the nature of computers and information, IS development, the shaping of technological resources, and information technology as technological ecology in which we live. This re-interprets each area and generates a number of new insights of both practical and theoretical interest. The work closes by reflecting on the frameworks developed, and on the process of using philosophy in this way.

The work may be used in several ways: as a pointer to how to understand the 'whole story that is IS', as a systematic strategic re-interpretation of each of five main areas of research and practice in IT/IS, as a source of novel ideas in each of the five areas, as a demonstration of how to use philosophy to understand complex interdisciplinary areas of research and practice, as an introduction to a new philosophy. It attempts to present its argument systematically but engagingly, and may be used as a study guide.

Published by IGI Global 2008. To order it with 30% discount, download the flyer (500k pdf).

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