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God's intention was that human beings would represent God the rest of creation, responsible to show it love, joy, peace, patience, so that what it experienced of human beings would be similar to its experience of its Creator, and it would in return thrive and bless humanity. All would be "shalom", in harmony with God.

Human beings refused. They wanted to be like gods themselves, rather than representatives of the Real God.

God therefore chose a people to represent God to the rest of the peoples. They were to live out God's ways in national, communal and personal life - ways that would bring prosperity at all levels. (God's Torah given through Moses.)

They refused, and wanted to be like the other nations.

God sent prophets to represent God to this people. "Seek the ancient ways, the good, and you will find rest for your souls," God warned via the prophet Jeremiah. Yet they refused, and God scattered and exiled them.

God then did a new, unexpected thing when the world was ready: God came into the world as human being, starting as a baby, growing, developing, healing, teaching, challenging, until the leaders of both Jews and Gentiles killed him, Jesus. God raised Jesus, conquering that "final enemy", death, and from then onwards God has sent God's Spirit to dwell in those who turned to Jesus.

Those in whom the Spirit of God dwells are called to represent God among all the peoples on earth, to demonstrate God's character and work God's work. Full circle: this answers to God's original mandate, in that it can produces, throughout the world, the kinds of humans who would treat the rest of creation (human and non-human) as God would - with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. This is what the Spirit of God will do in us if we allow. If we don't, it doesn't happen.

Most such people are of the Christian religion - yet not all Christians are such people. Nobody can be certain who is who, only God knows for sure, so we cannot judge this for ourselves. Each of us is called personally by God to respond to this possibility. Everyone in the entire world is called to turn to Jesus and let the Spirit of God do God's healing work in our personalities and attitudes and lives.

Chtistianity has had a long history, 2000 years. Throughout this time, from time to time, God has worked through some of these people to effect changes in the world for great good. Always in context of the culture, problems and needs of the time.

Today, the problem is destruction of God's world, the rest of creation. So the need is to return to God's original plan to represent (image) God to the rest of creation, to act like God, with responsibility to bless the rest of creation, for the harmony that God desires.

Tragically, many Christians today refuse to take this seriously. Like God's people 2,500 years ago, many Christians today, do we want to be like the rest of people? - seeking their own pleasures, defending their place in the world, building their reputations, being liked, liking themselves, building their own careers, putting themselves and their families above all others, and putting their comfort, convenience and enjoyment above justice for other people and the rest of creation. Is our attitude of heart is arrogant, affluent and unconcerned for those without? Is refusal to take responsibility for climate change an example today> Is not this why God destroyed the wicked of old, God said via the prophet Ezekiel [16:49]? Is it not why God removed his people from their land?

Will God not do similar today? Might not God destroy those who thought they were safe? Might not God do another unexpected thing?

Christians, take warning! We should mend our ways before it is too late. We should turn from arrogant attitudes of disregard of our responsibility for God's world, and let the Spirit of God work out this responsibility in you. Seek first this Kingdom of God.

23 September 2018

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