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Engaging with mainstream thought and the secular world

This is a list of pages that discuss engaging with mainstream thinking, or with the secular world in ways that are advocated by this 'new view' in theology and practice.

There is much overlap between them, but each brings something different, because they have been written at different times and in response to different situations. The first group explain 'why' we should engage, the second group discuss theological implications.


Pages containing Essays and Reflections from Christian perspective
"" Engaging with secular thought: Talk and workshop to Christian postgrads 2011
"" Bringing Faith and Scholarship Together: my long, meandering journey (Talk as WYSOCS 2013)
"" Why Christian Scholars Should Love Mainstream Scholarship An early email to 'Aaron' who had found it "frustrating" trying to engage as a Christian with Heidegger, Husserl and Hegel
"" 'Christian' Art, Physics, Maths, Sociology, etc.?
"" Engaging with post-secular thinking (brief)
"" Engaging with thinking going on the world
"" Bridging the Sacred-Secular Divide (going beyond Mark Green's booklet)
"" Theology: Salvation has three dimensions: Not only justification and sanctification but also blessing the world.
"" Compelling us to be engaged (in this case with environmental responsibility)
"" What we do here that is founded in Christ (including good scholarship) continues into the next life
"" Reflecting on being salt and light, with application to academic, professional and 'ordinary' life
"plunder.egypt.html" Why I do not believe 'Plundering the Egyptians' is a good approach to engaging with mainstream thought.
Other Pages
"" Some dangers of these views

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