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Ten Things to Pray about the Covid-19 Pandemic

Recently (21 April 2020) we received a leaflet from CARE about "Ten Ways to Pray About Coronavirus". Their ten suggested prayer themes are:

With each one is a verse and short prayer. Most of them respond to the problems we face in the situation of the pandemic, as sufferers of Covid-19. However, I felt there was something missing, and in my heart I wanted to pray for something more. For instance, there is nothing about repentance.

I had just written an article 'Making Sense of Covid-19', which helped me understand the 'bigger picture'. I realised that some of the things there needed to be prayed over. So I began putting down some notes, and very quickly, the ten points for prayer below flowed out. (In my life, when things flow out, it is often a sign of something being 'right').

The points link to a bigger, longer-term picture, in which sees God calling us to:

Its message is that God's people are with the world in tackling this, and should lead in moving forward to the 'New Normal', in which we move away from our previous lifestyle that was doing so much damage to the earth. It sees salvation through Christ alone and indwelling by the Holy Spirit is crucial to this and leading naturally to this (see Three Dimensions of Salvation).

Maybe we can pray from the two lists together?

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