Fulfilments of Ezekiel 36

Ezekiel 36 contains prophecies of the future. This table compares the extent of their fulfilment by various things. (It was compiled purely to help me sort out my thoughts, and is offered only in case it happens to be useful to others.)

Ezek 36 Israel returns Land flourishes CLeansing of heart Yahweh's honour
(linked with salvation, blessing)
Nehemiah Some (50,000) ? Partial ?
Jews over past 2000 years No: "Next year in Jerusalem" Wherever Jews have been, some things flourish (depending on what the surrounding culture allows) Some cleansing of lifestyle Not sure that Yahweh, as opposed to Jewry, was honoured.
The State of Israel (1948 onwards) Many returned Israeli agriculture and other activities flourish (given the circumstances) Little evidence of cleansing of heart Not sure that God, as opposed to Israeli state, is honoured.
Jesus, Holy Spirit in individuals Metaphorical: return with heart Metaphorical: land is our lives Potentially full, but only a fraction of individuals respond fully - except perhaps for a time during revivals. Many saved people respond spontaneously "My God how wonderful you are!", and the lives of people shine with Yahweh's glory.
Jesus, Holy Spirit in society Metaphorical: society partially turns towards God's ways td> Land and society can actually flourish, as well as people's lives flourishing.
(e.g. crime fell to zero after Welsh Revival)
Society's structures (laws, attitudes, aspirations) cleansed somewhat in a way that has not been possible by other means At least "Christianity" might be held in some honour among other cultures (even though denigrated in post-Christian cultures), as providing some kind of justice, progress and prosperity. (But only partial: Christ's Name dishonoured by selfish Christians.)
Future with Jews and Gentiles together (Romans 11, Revelation) Probably actual as well as metaphorical (double fulfilment) Probably actual as well as metaphorical (double fulfilment) Yes, full Yes, full

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