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Luhmann's Theory of Distinction

To Dooyeweerd, distinction is the kernel meaning of the
analytical aspect. Luhmann explored the nature of distinction, and developed a theory about it. This suggests mutual benefit, that Luhmann might contribute specific insights to Dooyeweerd's treatment while Dooyeweerd enables Luhmann's work to be situated.

Luhmann's issue Similar to Dooyeweerd > Different from Dooyeweerd
Differentiation analysis: what is observable? To observe something reflectively involves analytic functioning, in that we distinguish a thing from its environment, and another, and then each from the other. Either way, we make the distinction on the basis of some aspect thereof. -
Differentiation analysis: what is the similarity? This seems to be a direct question about "In which aspect are we making the differentiation?" For example, to differentiate a sports club from a business, we must first recognise they are both social institutions. -
Form analysis: the unity of the difference. Aim is to identify the 'guiding' distinction. This sounds very like Dooyeweerd's notion of qualifying aspect: all things function in all aspects, but there is one aspect that is most important in defining its meaning. Dooyeweerd differentiated several important roles of aspects of a thing: qualifying, leading, founding, etc. Could Luhmann benefit from this?

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