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On Marriage

Some initial thoughts jotted down by A.B. 20 July 2018

Artists treat marriage as a prison.
Yet is not marriage an artform?
    - that everyone can shape,
        rich or poor,
        strong or weak,
        arty or not?

But there's another narrative about marriage -
    One that's seldom spoken
    because it doesn't suit the spirit of the age.
A narrative of nobility,
of poetry and art form
    that two people construct together,
    giving to and for each other as they do.
Making something meaningful -
    something with joy and memory,
    something that lasts.
Marriage is worked at,
    not just received.
Marriage is worked at -
    not a ready-made concrete cast.

Marriage is a building
    a shelter and mansion
    that all may construct
        work on,
        beautify, and

Marriage is open to all
    whether clever or stupid
    right or left
as a gift and artform
    of university opportunity
a set of shared values
a life lived together
    the longer together the deeper it becomes
    and the more bautiful
even when there is discord.

A shelter for the outsider
a pillar of strength
    for the community
    - supremely worthwhile.

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