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Copyright Conditions for Andrew Basden's Opinion Writings

Opinions Pages are intended to stimulate thought especially about changes to attitudes, beliefs and actions. They contain material that is not always well expressed, and sometimes hastily written in order to be topical.

In general terms, and within certain conditions listed below, you are welcome to take copies of any of the material for any purpose you wish that does not involve hostile intent.

The conditions are that:

Where judgement or permission is required, or if you wish to comment or query anything on the site, please contact us.

Thank you for abiding by these conditions.

Andrew Basden.

To request approval or judgements, or to send comments, queries, etc. please email me. The email should contain two parts, separated by the "at" character in the usual way.
The first part should be "messages".
The second part should be the domain, "".

Thank you. This will send an email to me, to which I will endeavour to respond.

About This Page

This page, '', is an Opinion Page put up by Andrew Basden that aim to stimulate ideas for discussion. Contact details.

Copyright (c) Andrew Basden at all the dates below. But you may use this material subject to certain conditions.

Written on the Amiga with Protext in the style of classic HTML.

Created: 25 June 2020 from one of my other copyright conditions pages.