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Why I am a Climate Activist but do not support Abortion

Climate concern is often lumped together with support for abortion and other issues as 'progressive'. But they are not the same. In fact, they are the opposite of each other.

On the one side stands freedom - freedom of women to choose. 'I' want to be free to live the way 'I' want or desire.

On the other side stands interconnectedness. We are all interconnected, and especially with the natural world and the planet. That is why climate change is such an important issue.

It's not a matter of freedom at all! Interconnectedness emphasises the relationship and the effect of all we do and are on others. Freedom emphasises the 'I', the entity, the severing of relationships.

Interconnectedness implies responsibility. We human beings have responsibility towards the planet and all other species. Affluent people have responsibility towards poorer people. That is interconnectedness, not freedom.

Is not the relationship between a mother and her unborn child one of the most intimate examples of interconnectedness there is in the whole world? Interconnectedness implies responsibility and love, not freedom.

That is why I am a climate and environmental activist and yet do not support abortion. (For more on why I am concerned about abortion, see Reflections On Abortion.)

That the two are lumped together as 'progressive' issues by both right- and left-wing protagonists, is not only sad, not only unfortunate, but dangerous for the future.


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