Surname: Basden
Forename: Andrew
Title: Emeritus Professor
Date of Birth: 31 July 1948

I-1. Education:

George Heriot's School, Edinburgh (1960-1966) Awarded 4 Ordinary Grades, 6 Higher Grades, 3 Post- Higher Special Grades (Scottish Certificate of Education), and 4 'A' levels (Oxford syllabus).

University of Southampton, Department of Electronics (1966-1969) Awarded 1st class honours BSc degree in Electronics (Science).

University of Southampton, Department of Electronics (1969-1973, awarded 1975) 'An Interactive System for Layout of Small Printed Circuit Boards'.

I-2. Qualifications:

1969 BSc, First Class Honours
1975: PhD, Electronics

I-3. Present Appointment:


I-4. Previous Appointments:

August 2004 - June 2020: Professor of Human Factors and Philosophy in Information Systems. Information Systems Institute, which was then merged into Salford Business School. Role: to lead on the exploration of Dooyeweerd's philosophy in relation to information systems and other fields.

1987-August 2004. Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer, then Reader (December 1998), at the Information Technology Institute at the University of Salford, then the Information Systems Institute, covering Knowledge Based Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Business Information Systems, Multimedia, Human Computer Interaction. Research interests cover a wide range of topics in Knowledge Based Systems, from inter-disciplinary philosophy and integrated knowledge representation, through knowledge acquisition and system development methodology, to systems in their working context. I have been involved in six funded research projects as major or lead partner.

Feb-Aug 2003: Awarded Study Leave to write academic work on 'A Practical, Interdisciplinary, Philosophical Framework for Information Systems' exploring how the philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd can provide frameworks for understanding areas of interest in information systems, from the raw technologies through its human use, to the 'ecology' of technology in society. That work has now borne fruit in a research monograph, 'Philosophical Frameworks for Understanding Information Systems~.

1997-1999. Secondment to the Centre for Virtual Environments, for two years, to help with the startup of the Centre. See section on Secondments for details.

1997. Secondment to University of Luleň, Sweden, for two months to prepare and deliver course on information technology that was based in multi-modal (Dooyeweerdian) systems theory.

1986-87. Senior Research Fellow, University of Salford. Chief knowledge engineer for the RICS/Alvey project, which was the only Community Club project to produce a commercial product: the Elsie system. Further developed the methodologies for knowledge acquisition and system development, and formulated initial ideas for a theory of application of KBS technology.

1980-86. Senior Research Scientist, ICI plc, Runcorn. Pioneered Expert Systems technology and its uses for ICI plc. Constructed two major successful systems. Developed initial versions of methodologies for knowledge acquisition and for systems development.

1974-80. Systems Programmer, Aldermoor Health Centre, Southampton. Built database for general practice medical records, CLINICS, in which the major issue was handling errors in the data.

1973-1974. Trainee Programmer, Warner, Hudnut, Lambert, Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK. During this period I learned COBOL and the Data Analyzer.

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