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The Homosexuality Debate: Some Questions

I pose some questions to challenge both sides in the debate among Christians about homosexuality. It is an attempt to open

Questions for Christians

The following questions are an attempt to challenge evangelical Christians to think about their stance on homosexuality. Questions for liberal Christians and secular homosexualists are below.

Questions for Homosexualists

The following questions are an attempt to draw attention to a number issues that seem to be overlooked by homosexualists. Most seem to be 'elephants in the room'.

(I use the term 'homosexualist' for anyone with an active commitment to promoting the idea that 'homosexuality is a Good Thing' -- whether they are homosexual or not. In my experience many 'liberal' Christians are homosexualists, so the following questions might challenge them.)


I hope the questions might be useful to each side. I pessimistically expect that if anyone does read this page, then they will use questions to the other side as ammunition :-(. It will be interesting to see what angry responses this stimulates. The balance of them will tell us something.

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