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Homosexualism: a view held, not necessarily only by LGB people but wider, by anyone who wants to promote homosexuality, whether or not it is appropriate to promote it. (This is a distinction was made by the person whose questions I report in Am I Homophobic?.)

The following questions are an attempt to draw attention to a number issues that seem to be overlooked by homosexualists. Most seem to be 'elephants in the room'.

Is it not time for proper exploration, analysis and debate to address these questions?


Note 1. An example of 'shouting'. On 2 July 2015 Nicky Morgan, the UK Government Secretary of State for Education, was being interviewed (BBC Radio 4 Today Programme) about how British schools could be asked to check for possible radicalisation by Islamists. She mentioned that "homophobia" might be an indication. The interviewer challenged her, suggesting that if a student says "I don't agree with homosexualty. I hate it." then they might be suspected of radicalisation. Jim Wells, DUP, had to resign after being recorded as claiming that children of homosexual marriage are more likely to suffer - but the research has not been done. It seems that nobody these days is 'allowed' to have any belief other than "Homosexuality is a Good Thing." This is an example of 'shouting'.

Note on Conflation. Homosexualists conflate sexual attraction with personal attraction, sexual love with other kinds of love, but the sexual is very different from the personal, even though they may be linked. Richard Harries, for instance, on 13 October 2017 (BBC Radio 4, Today, Thought for the Day) was stressing what he called the 'goodness' of sexual attraction. To take just one example from his talk: As evidence, he cited a gay friend whom he asked "Don't you find it difficult when you are attracted to men?" to which the friend responded "No; I find it difficult when I am not attracted to them." The gay friend was meaning personal attraction, but Harries was taking it to mean sexual attraction. Why did Harries do this? Was it deliberate conflation, sloppiness, or stupidity? What Harries did I have found in others, and the same question applies, but this time it is societal: British (and other Western?) society has not adequately recognised or discussed the difference between them - is this because of deliberate conflation, sloppiness or societal stupidity?

Note 2. An example of narrow views. On 25 July 2015 President Obama of the USA was visiting Kenya. To the President of Kenya, He praised Kenya for various things, then criticised it for two things: corruption and its attitude to gay 'rights'. Why did Obama choose that issue, above all others, to mention? Why not climate change, for example? President Obama was also interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme on 25 July 2015. Again, gay marriage was discussed, but not climate change.

Note 3. Three examples of Western homosexualist arrogance.

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