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CPTS Annual Working Conferences

The Center for Philosophy, Technology and Social Systems (CPTS) Annual Working Conferences are designed to give space for development of philosophically significant ideas in relation to everyday life and work practices in many cultures. For this reason, its structure differs from that or usual academic conferences.

Thus researchers - at all levels - receive critical mentoring. This formula has proved very successful in generating a flow of high quality papers in international scientific journals, informing PhD research, and sharpening up ideas on a wide range of issues. During the first ten years of CPTS Annual Working Conferences, a number of papers were published in important academic journals as a result of this process, and a number of PhD Theses were published. Some of these are listed in Publications page.

As a result of this formula, the quality of discussion is very high, such that it has attracted scholars of international repute in various areas including systems intervention, philosophy of technology and systems philosophy. They come because of the quality and depth of discussion, which exposes foundational assumptions. Part of the reason for this is because the part of the starting point of CPTS is a Biblical-Christian view of the world, which takes a philosophical rather than theological stance, which discloses whole sets of different issues for consideration. This has led CPTS into an emphasis on global problems and North-South relations, leading to links with IIDE.

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