Imagine. Imagine the end of history, with the Supreme God on the Seat of Final Authority, with humankind before him. He is the supreme judge of we have been and done, and will justly render to us what is rightly due. I have long been interested in how God sees us, and especially how he sees what we do in secular, professional and everyday life rather than in our 'religious' life. One thing I was sure of was that God is just, that he alone sees rightly, and that what he states from this Seat of Final Authority (the Judgement Seat of Christ, the Bible calls it) will be absolutely true as well as absolutely right and good. Nobody will venture to say "Ah, God, you got it wrong there ..." for all will agree, deep down, that what he has said and revealed is correct.

In 1994 I wrote a short article 'IMAGINE', which started with the words with which we started this page, and applied to my own sector: information technology. It was published in our church magazine. Since then I have often toyed with the idea of writing more such articles, but only today, five year later, have I put fingers to keys to do so. I have just been reading the classic 'Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee' and, though a biased account, I noted right at the start it said:

"The Tainos and other Arawak people did not resist conversion to the European's religion, but they did resist strongly when hordes of these bearded strangers began scouring their islands in search of gold and precious stones."

That theme - that the native Americans welcomed the gospel of Christ but did not welcome the injustices practised by the 'white men' - occurred throughout the book, and inspired me to write the second 'Imagine'. It's not so good, but I place it here in draft form.

I trust I shall write more, from time to time. Anyway, here are the ones I have written so far:

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