How 'A Brief History of God' Applies to Us

I will be trying to show how what we learn from God and his 'brief history' can help us understand things better, diagnose where we are going wrong, increase devotion to God, increase the effectiveness of our walk with God, etc. In short, fulfil what Paul told Timothy that Scripture could do for us (II Tim 3:16), and perhaps even more. But I've not started this page yet, except to plop the following bit in here for now.

You will find some specific pieces of 'Relevance to Us' at the end of some of the message sections, such as relevance to us of being in God's image, and that God has to do with people, but I have only just started adding these.

Other types of application will take the form of looking at current ideas - religious and otherwise - and showing in what ways they are right and wrong when measured against what God has revealed. This will be a huge undertaking, and has only just started.

The third type of application is negative: to notice that some of the things that Christians seem to think important (enough in some cases to die for) do not seem to come across in a broad-sweep view. So are they really that important? How do we understand them? I have started a file on these 'missing themes', the first one being about sacraments.

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