How Multi-Aspectuality Throws Light On Issues

Some Examples

I am starting to collect examples that illustrate how multi-aspectuality can throw light on issues that seem inexplicable to some theorists.

Throws new light on why democratic election results do not always follow predictions

When people vote they do so, at least partly, according to their experience in real life, and this experience is multi-aspectual. But what the election communication process feeds them is, in large part, uni-aspectual. Each slogan focuses on a single issue, which is usually of a single aspect, and causes the hearer to shut out other aspects. Also, the adversarial process is one of making clear distinctions between parties, the analytic functioning of which bolsters the uni-aspectuality of the election process.

Throws new light on why targeting of state benefits does not solve the problems of poverty

Targeted benefits are uni-aspectual because they focus on certain things and, worse, tries to make them crisply measurable. But poverty is a multi-aspectual phenomenon, covering not only things like amount of money saved in bank and rent payable, but also things like morale, social interaction, injustice, selfishness versus generosity, and even the aesthetics of life.
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