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Women Leading Churches

(See also Genesis 1:27 - God's purpose for man and Woman.)

Those of you who are not long in the Christian community might wonder what all the fuss is about, but many keen Christians are very much against women being in leadership in churches. I think they are wrong.

The main reason I believe they are wrong is because in Genesis 1:26-28 we find the male and female together are given rulership, in God's plan. And it is only with the Fall, recorded in Genesis 3, that woman becomes dominated by man, so it is obviously not God's real will, at least not as restored by Christ. That is the main positive reason why I believe women should be in leadership.

Those who are against women in leadership in churches point to certain verses in Paul's letters. I can give some arguments against these main verse-oriented reasons given by the anti-women-in-leadership people, not least that they contradict what Paul said elsewhere. I can give some practical reasons for women being leadership. And I can point to the fact that God himself sometimes chose women to be leaders.

This has now been worked out as part of New View: Genesis 1:27 - God's purpose for man and Woman.

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