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A New View on Economics

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This page explores how a 'New View in Theology' might impact on economics.

Is it not an enormous waste of human skill, effort and even human life that so much is expended on persuading people to buy things?

  • Trust in God to be involved with us in the economy at all levels. e.g. Bishop Jeff Davies, South Africa said (11 Dec 2011) "God has given us all the energy we need in renewables."

    See also Meaningful Economy.

    This page is offered to God as on-going work in developing a 'New View' in theology that is appropriate to the days that are coming upon us. Comments, queries welcome.

    Copyright (c) Andrew Basden 2009, but you may use this material subject to certain conditions.

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    Created: 13 December 2009 Last updated: 30 January 2012