Problems with Evangelical Beliefs

As an expression of New View, I have been working on a manifesto on climate change and global economy, and their common spiritual root - and the need for widespread work of the Holy Spirit if we are to tackle climate change. This is an email from Andrew Faraday in response to that manifesto, and I think it nicely portrays the problems specific to our fellow evangelical Christians, especially those in North America.


All you have written is very good but I still think you are only addressing part of the resistance to tackling climate change etc. with Christian principles. We have got to have the evangelical church on board fully if we hope to display Christian principles being used widely in this area. In the main the evangelical church is not engaged with climate change and is often hostile to the subject. I have listed below what I think are evangelical attitudes in this area which need to be confronted and modified or changed completely.

I think they may also be an unconscious attitude which says 'God has blessed us in the west because we have responded to the gospel over many, many years. If the third world suffers more from climate change in the future they are paying the price of their forefathers' sins in not responding to the gospel'.

That is my take on the world view of many evangelicals. It will be a harder task convincing them than many of the non-believing rest. That is why I think it is imperative you focus on evangelicals well.


Created: 31 May 2009 by Andrew Basden. but mostly from Andrew Faraday's email.

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