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On Vandalism The right wing treats vandalism as a criminal activity that must be stamped out. The left wing treats it as justified anger against an oppressive ruling class. The liberal element treat it as self-actualization. There may be some truth in all these, but do they all miss a major truth: vandalism is an attitude? "Sod you!"

If vandalism is an attitude, it has several parts. One part is the despising of others (e.g. peeing on somebody's property). One part is selfishness (e.g. wrecking something that gets in our way). One part is the acceptability, in society at large, of anger and violent action as a way of achieving things. When combined you have a growing 'sod you' attitude that is the very opposite of agape-love. They lead, or can lead, to physical vandalism.

How do such attitudes come about? These attitudes are all prevalent in the fallen human personality, and nobody is guiltless of them.

Against the assumptions of the right wing, they are prevalent not only in the perpetrators but also in the appointed protectors of society - the rulers, the police, the professions, the opinion formers, etc.

Against the assumption of the left wing, they are prevalent not only in the oppressive ruling class but also in the perpetrators and indeed in all the oppressed.

Against the assumption of the liberal element, these attitudes pervade all of society, all of us, even all of us individually, so that self-actualization results not in good and healing and fulfilment but too often in great harm.

Such harm might manifest itself in vandalism. Might it manifest itself in other less obvious and less obnoxious but often more damaging ways? Such as the couldn't-care-less attitude of the comfortably-off who care not about climate change or other environmental responsibility, or the less-comfortably-off who want to keep immigrants out.

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