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On Our Authority

Thoughts Stimulated by Gee Seven: Sing2G7

A song sung by choirs of children is being delivered to the G7 leaders [note-1]. Speaking of the major problems of the world and asking them to change their direction, it ends "or we'll run you out of town."

"A pity" I immediately found my intuition responding to that final line. "Ineffective, inappropriate. By what means will the children run them out of town (get rid of them)?"

A partial answer came to mind: that what the G7 leaders stand for, idolise and protect, will fail because it goes against the grain of Creation - but only very gradually, and will still do enormous damage before it's "out of town." Much too gradually to be properly described as "run you out of town" and not done by the children but by the very nature of Creation and the way Creation works. Yes, the prison the G7 leaders have trapped themselves in will one day crumble, but it will take far too long.

The song is romantic wish of children. Might I be too harsh in that? Might it in fact be a statement of the authority of the needs of future generations. Maybe the "we'll" in the last line of the song is not children but humanity? But, if so, that is not just romantic wish but romantic twaddle.

The song is romantic wish, when that is requied is real prophetic warning. From where might that come?

Part of the problem is the perspective that underlines the last line of the son, humanism (small-h) - the presumption that humanity is the ultimate reality, the sole authority, the sole determiner of what is good and evil, and the remedy that is effective against all that it determines as evil. I demur from that. When has humanity never shown itself to be any of those things, yet alone all of them together? What hope is there that it will suddenly, miraculously become all of those thtngs together?

This is why I adhere to a different perspective, the one revealed via the Jewish and Christian Scriptures, the Bible. God, the Creator, the Origin of all Meaningfulness and Good, is the Ultimate Reality, the Sole Authority, the Sole Determiner of what is Good and Evil, and the True Remedy that is Effective against what is really evil. (And, no, I am not imprisoning myself in traditional or contemporary Christianity or Judaism when I say that; while respecting them all, I allow the Bible to speak beyond them all.)

Might it be that a message of Responsibility before God would carry more weight with the G7 leaders than the wish of children or even the likely needs of future generations?

Granted, there will be some who, in the words of Jesus "neither feared God nor cared about [people]" [Luke 18:1-8], but that will no be all of them. And awareness of God and our responsibility before God is more widespread and more deeply-rooted than most humanist opinion-formers realise.

Is it not time for prophetic Christians to boldly hold the world's leaders and opinion-formers to account for their, and humanity's, Responsibility before God to shepherd the entire Creation rather than look after their own selfish, competitive interests? See Representing God.

If it is, May The Almighty, Yahweh God, Make It Happen!


1. Song written by Sir Tim Rice and Peter Hobbs for children to sing to the G7 leaders when they come for their summit in Cornwall. It focuses on the Number Seven and how it has pervaded culture and antiquity - which can be used in the school curriculum - and ends with

Gee Seven - let nation speak to nation
Gee Seven - don't let the others down
Gee Seven - don't forget the not so fortunate
Gee Seven - or we'll run you out of town

It is this last stanza, and especially the final line, to which this page responds. This is the only call to responsibility in the entire song the first use of the "we" who claim power and authority over the G7 leaders. Who is "we"? The children who sing the song? Or, from its development of the Number Seven, maybe humanity of the Classical era?

Its lyrics are available to all.

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