In the 1960s we were told, by affluent elites:

"Doing sex before and outside marriage is a great ideal that should inspire us!"

"Be promiscuous!"

"If you question this, you're a prude!"

In the 1970s we were told:

"Everyone, break the boundaries the prudes impose!"

"Explore sex in all sorts of ways.
Not only with same sex, but also with younger, older, with ..."
"Didn't Kinsey say so?"

"Sex is for pleasure, not procreation."

"Sex is for leisure, not responsibility."

We were also told:

"You want it really!

"If you question this, you are repressed. Freud said so."

In the 1980s we were told:

"No such thing as society. Everyone for himself (sic)."

"Those with money can get all they want. Loadsamoney."

"Your wants are your right."

In the 1990s we were told:

"Your wants are your consumer right."

"Divorce is good; nobody's fault; Marriage is boring."

Since the 2000s we have been told:

"Sex is the most important thing in your life."

"Seduction is an artform."


Though male sexual predation is nothing new,
going back millennia,
these decades changed the social norms of affluent society.
Sexual predaction used to be frowned on.
From the 1960s it became not only acceptable
but an expectation.